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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy? 

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a modern form of hypnotherapy that uses practical, safe and well-researched strategies to help people make significant, positive changes in their lives in a relatively short period of time. It is based on current neuro-scientific research of how the brain works and has a wealth of evidence supporting its effectiveness.


Whilst the past is acknowledged and respected, the therapy focuses on where you are now in your life and where you would like to be. I help you to use your imagination to uncover what your best self would be like, which is totally unique and individual to each and every person. 

Free, no obligation initial consultation 

Before we begin sessions, we will meet online for an initial consultation which normally lasts around 30 minutes. This provides you with a valuable opportunity to understand more about how the therapy works and discuss whether it is a suitable intervention for you. Following the initial consultation, I will send you a free hypnotherapy recording for you to listen to that will help to reduce anxiety and stress, and improve your sleep patterns.

What particular conditions does Solution Focused Hypnotherapy help with?  

As a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, there are a wide range of areas that I can help with. These include:   

What happens in the sessions? 

The sessions generally follow this format:


·        30 minutes of solution focused talk therapy,

·        combined with 30 minutes of hypnosis

The talk therapy part of the session is designed to help you to get into a positive mindset. It helps you to move away from your problem and start to stimulate a different area of the brain, an area which is great at problem-solving and thinking positively.


I provide an explanation of how the brain works in relation to your individual goals and give you practical tips and techniques on ways you can use your brain to get back to the best version of yourself. This is so empowering as it allows us to understand why we suffer the way we do and what we can do about it.  It will encourage you to start to imagine what your preferred future may be like. E.g. if this issue shifted, what would it change?


As these discussions evolve we get to a stage where you will have identified something you’d like to achieve and maybe even a small action you can take towards it, that feels manageable.


We then move onto the hypnosis section where I help you to feel calm and relaxed. I use scripts full of metaphors and meanings that work by accessing the subconscious mind and provide targeted suggestions to facilitate the change you desire.


The subconscious mind refers to the part of our mind that operates below the level of conscious awareness, influencing our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. It is believed to hold memories, emotions, and beliefs that may shape our experiences.

So, whether you want to feel less anxious, feel happier quit a bad habit, boost your confidence, or deal with pain, hypnosis can help by speaking directly to your subconscious mind.

What does it feel like to be hypnotised? 

The feeling of being hypnotised is unique to each person experiencing it. People often report feeling relaxed, drifting, in flow, light or feel tingling over the body. Hypnosis is simply a state of focused attention that is completely natural; we all experience going into this state of mind in our everyday lives!  

Have you ever driven home and not remembered anything about the journey, or been engrossed in a book and not been conscious of time passing? These are both examples of being in a hypnotic state!   

In this relaxed, natural state, your mind is more responsive to suggestions and we are able to quieten the voice in our head that stems from the conscious part of our brain. In doing so we gain access to the subconscious mind, allowing the mind to focus on and become much more receptive to beneficial suggestions and changes.   

How does online hypnotherapy work? 

Online hypnotherapy is a safe and convenient alternative to face-to-face sessions. It is just as effective as in person sessions and follows the same structured approach.  

Hypnosis doesn't reply on having a therapist in the room with you. We all go in and out of this hypnotic state several times a day, often when we're focused a specific task.


Hypnosis is a very natural and safe state where you'll remain in complete control and can easily achieve as long as you have a good wifi connection, are in a relaxing space where you won’t be disturbed and can hear the guided relaxation. 

Is it possible to stay hypnotised? 

No, you can come out of the hypnosis state whenever you wish.   

Can anyone be hypnotised?  

Most people can go into a light state of hypnosis and this is generally sufficient to achieve a therapeutic outcome. 

Will I lose consciousness? 

No, you will be aware of your environment and in control at all times. Hypnosis is very similar to ‘day dreaming ‘ and just like with day dreaming, you can return to full consciousness whenever you want to. 

Will hypnotherapy make me do stupid things? 

No, hypnotherapy this is not stage hypnosis for entertainment! You always have overall control during sessions and can reject any suggestions that you dislike. 

Couple Relaxing On Sofa

I help people to use their imagination to uncover what their best self would be like and the steps they can take to get there. 

Teaching people how the brain works and how they can feel better

I teach people how the brain works and provide practical mind management techniques that can be easily applied to every-day life to feel better between hypnotherapy sessions and beyond.....

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