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Client Testimonial: Easing Anxiety with Hypnotherapy, Louise’s Story

Louise came to see me after suffering from anxiety for many years. She had been feeling a further drop in her mood and wanted to try and improve her mental health.

Q. What is your situation now?

A. I feel that my situation has improved since doing our sessions. I have established a good routine before work to help me relax at a time when I feel most anxious. I have a herbal tea and then do a short meditation. I also find it really helpful to find positive things throughout my day. I write these down at the end of my day, and then listen to your audio before bed.

I feel a lot less anxious after my sessions with you, and more knowledgeable about what triggers my anxiety. I have learnt how to calm myself in situations that I used to find stressful and I feel more confident in talking to people.

Q. What would you tell someone considering working with me? A. I would highly recommend you! I would tell them my positive experience, and how friendly and supportive you are.

I would also say that Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is really relaxing, and how great it is that you are supported to imagine a better future for yourself and feel inspired to find solutions to your own problems and worries. I would say that our sessions have really helped me, and that they should definitely reach out to you.

The audio that you provided to listen to was great, and really helped me to relax. You were really flexible with fitting in my sessions which I appreciated as I work shifts so never have the same days off.


If you would like to have a chat about how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy could help you to deal with anxiety, please do get in touch.

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