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“If I hadn’t discovered hypnotherapy, I think I would have been hospitalised by now”.

This is a real comment made by one of my clients this week. He had come to me for relief from grief, sadness, anxiety and many other symptoms that are knock-on effects of these.

It shocked me as I realised in that moment just how low he had been feeling when we met before his first session a few weeks ago.

He had been putting on a brave face, as many of us do, and described the relief he felt after suffering in silence for so long.

He told me he now feels “much more positive, motivated and confident enough to go after the things I want in life again”.

Do you tend to put on a brave face and just march on through life, but inside you feel sad, unmotivated and unheard?

Life is both beautiful and tragic, magical and mundane, it can have us belly laughing one day and feeling in the darkest of holes the next. This is what it is to be human and experience life fully, with all of the emotions that come with it. Problems can start when we lose the ability to cope with these emotions and do things to numb out from them – for example ignore them completely or numb them out with the use of alcohol, food, social media, over-exercising, drugs etc.

I’m not saying the hypnotherapy is the silver bullet and will cure all of your problems! BUT, there are many reasons why it can have a TRANSFORMATIONAL EFFECT ON YOUR LIFE.

Here’s just 5 of the reasons why hypnotherapy is so brilliant:

  1. No digging up past trauma I won’t ask you to tell me about any painful, traumatic experiences you’ve been through. This only magnifies the pain and tricks the mind into thinking more about it, instead of focusing on moving forward positively.

  2. It will have you using your imagination You’ll be inspired to think about and visualise how you would like your ideal life to look and motivated to take realistic steps in the direction of your goals.

  3. You’ll get to experience a state of deep, nourishing relaxation. A key element to hypnotherapy is entering a deep state of relaxation or a ‘hypnotic trance’. Regular practice of this can help you live a more balanced, less-stressful life.

  4. Your glass will become half full rather than half empty You’ll be able to look at life through a more positive lens and focus on the positive aspects of their life that encourages a shift in perspective.

  5. You’ll learn how to use your brain to your advantage I will help you to understand how your brain works, and how you can use it to change negative thought patterns.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can relieve many different issues including addiction, anxiety, sadness, insomnia, lack of motivation, low self-worth, low confidence and many more.

Need more evidence? Check out my website for client testimonials. Want to sample my hypnosis audio for free? Sign up for my newsletter and I will pop it across to you – no problem! Click here to access.

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