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Menopause Relief Client Testimonial

"I would never have guessed I'd gone from brain zero to brain hero in such a small space of time! I think that indicates how effective the hypnotherapy has been."

Jodie came to see me for hypnotherapy sessions to relieve symptoms caused by the menopause that were negatively affecting her physical and mental wellbeing. Here's what she said after completing my six session hypnotherapy program.

What was the situation that led you to work with me?

Chronic lack of sleep which had been exacerbated by the emotional symptoms of menopause. My negativity, lack of self-belief and confidence had spiraled out of control. I'd reached a point where I had accepted that hand of fate and that's how it would always be. Despite my own intervention I just couldn't make anything work for me. I felt that hypnotherapy would be an ideal time to start alongside the beginning of HRT.

What was your experience like working with me? Enlightening and an experience that I still can't quite explain - but it works! If it wasn't for our existing relationship then I probably wouldn't have considered hypnotherapy but, because I believed in your capabilities, as a therapist, I felt very comfortable. I enjoyed the sessions and found you very encouraging, inspiring, knowledgeable and it motivated me to rewire my thoughts.

What is your situation now?

I feel a lot calmer and at peace with my thought patterns. I sleep better, it's not 100% perfect but it is a huge improvement from where it was. I was surviving on 3 to 4 hours of sleep. The disruptions are maybe once as opposed to frequent periods of being awake. ​

I continue to seek out the good in anything and I feel that my conversations have moved away from being dour to fun and confident. I really don't care about things that used to bother me and feel liberated when I just let them "go". There is still some work in progress with some elements of overthinking which rarely last, they get intercepted quite quickly. I am more mindful and feel no self-induced pressure. ​

Life ahead looks exciting with some healthy boundaries in place. I am so much more proactive and procrastination appears to be something I've forgotten. This is really quite an amazing turn around as the last 2 years (maybe longer) have been like walking through treacle. I've waded through it but with a hell of a lot of resistance.​

What would you tell someone considering working with me?

Please be open to exploring hypnotherapy to re-wire what is your grey (and white) matter. It will completely change perceptions of yourself and enable you to let go of anxiety and stress. As I've quoted to a few already: "I don't know why it works, but it does!"


If you would like to have a chat about how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy could help you relieve symptoms caused by the peri/menopause, please do get in touch.

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