Why online hypnotherapy works really well!

I’m sure that by now everyone has had a chat with someone my means of a virtual tool, be it zoom, teams, facetime, skype etc.

This is one of the brilliant things about technology! It has made it easier for us to connect with people and offers a more enhanced experience than a standard telephone call offers.

We can now see and hear friends, family, colleagues, clients etc no matter where n the world they are!

When I was first training in solution focused hypnotherapy, I was told by my training course leader that had to see all volunteer clients online because of the pandemic and safety reasons. I was pretty disappointed at this because I was looking forward to working with people face to face. I doubted how hypnotherapy would work when delivered virtually! BUT, I am soooo glad to have been able to of had the experience of learning to deliver sessions online because I found it worked brilliantly! It forced me to get slick at delivering online sessions and it is now like second nature to do so.

I did my training in 2020 during the pandemic. During this time there was a vast increase in people struggling with their mental health so it was great to be able to help volunteer clients who were struggling feel better through my sessions.

Once we came out of lockdown and I qualified as a hypnotherapist, I decided to continue delivering sessions online because it worked so well and here’s why:

Comfortable environment - you are in your own home, you are comfortable, you're in familiar surroundings, and you can create your own little setup that you have control of.

Easy to relax – some clients put on their aromatherapy diffuser to fill their room with their favourite scent, others position themselves on their bed and cover themselves in a big fluffy blanket. This allows them to really settle down and really relax.

Cuts out travel time and associated stress – there is no need time lost travelling and you never have to worry about where to park, how much it will cost, bus tickets, train tickets, or having to go outside in nasty weather!

Flexibility around your schedule – I deliver sessions on week days, weekends, mornings, afternoon and evening, making it easy for you to fit a session into your schedule.

Accessibility – no problem! - if you have a disability or injury / something where you know where you are concerned about access, then the beauty of modern technology makes it possible for you to access online therapy from a location that works best for you.

More environmentally friendly – you are reducing your carbon footprint as a result of not having to use transport to travel to and from sessions.

Now, as with everything, there are a few limitations. You will need a good internet connection and to give yourself an hour without disruption. This might mean you need to stick a “Do Not Disturb” sign outside your door to reduce any disruption caused by children, pets, visitors, deliveries etc!

So if you are at all concerned about accessing online therapy with anyone, not just me, I hope this article will reassure you that it does work very well!

If you have any questions or concerns about anything covered in this article, please do get in touch.

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